Games of Luck

Games of luck are numerous. Among them you will find bingo, keno, scratch cards, lotteries, roulette, and of course, slots. In order to win them all you need is a fortune at your side.

Bonus Slots

The most attractive of the casino gambling offers is bonus slots. They not only guarantee you high payouts, but also provide additional games where the winnings are increased. Try them now!

Table Games

Table games such as roulette, craps, and keno are also based on luck. But can they ever be compared to slots and the immense fun these machines bring? You are going to know the answer soon.

Guessing Numbers

What the roulette players do during the game? They are guessing numbers! This is their only way to get the win and get back their bets. And what about slots? Do you need to guess numbers there?

Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are popular all over the world. Their symbols are known by everyone, and you can also easily refresh them: banana, strawberry, three 7s, bars…What’s more can you meet in fruit slots?

Reliable Casino Guide!

Welcome to Casino Do­tor! This is the ultimate guide for all slot machine lovers who want to find a new good game to play and the perfect place to do that. All the casinos which you find here are of high quality and offer safe and secure games, fair payouts, and best winning chances. Choose one of them if you want to experience the best slots gambling in your life!

Modern slot machines can be of different types. Times when you could play only one game with 3 reel, one payline and standard set of symbols are gone! Today there are different approaches to classification of slot machines, which is conditioned by the huge amount of game features. Slots may be classified according to the number of reels, number of paylines, symbols used, availability of bonus games etc. Below you will find our approach to division of slot machines:

Of course, this classification of slot machines does not cover all the possible types of online and land-based slots, but it gives the total overview of the details which are usually very interesting for casino players.

Slot Machine Payouts

Usually machines offer wide range of symbols, some of which can appear at the screen more frequently than other, while some appear rather rarely. Payouts of each combination depend upon the frequency with which the symbol appears at the screen.

Besides, there is a general payback of the slot machine which is installed when the slot machine is in the process of creating. Usually, slot machines have the general payback of 96-99% which helps the casinos to be always in profit. In rare occasions you will find slot machines with over 100% payback.

Themed Games

The most attractive type of modern slot machines is themed slots. Playing them you can enjoy games, like ruletka 77 even more, as you will meet all your favourite characters at the screen of the machine. Themed slots make the variations of slot machines really huge, as each of the popular movie, book, game, TV-show, event, food, etc., immediately appears as a slot machine.

At any online casino you can find slots which depict pets and food, as these themes are loved by everyone. Fans of Hitman shooter game can enjoy Hitman slot machine, while Tolkien’s fans can play Lord of the Ring slots game. You can also find machines dedicated to the national holidays, such as 4th of July slot machine, and also games featuring Christmas, Easter or Halloween.

Most of the themed slot machines have all the features of modern games: bonus features, great number of paylines, free spins, etc. Choosing this type of games you will never be disappointed!

At our website you will find great number of different slot machines. You can read their description and the most important info to know how to play game and what results to expect. Use our guide to enjoy your slot machine gambling!

Online Casino Bonus Review
$777 Club World
$1000 Spin Palace
$787 All Star Slots
$10000 Silver Oak
$4000 Lucky Red
$1200 Royal Vegas