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Modern casinos offer huge choice of games to play, but the most popular of them remain to be video slot machines. They usually obtain the following features: 5 reels, possibility to choose number of paylines and size of the bet, various themes, big number of symbols, etc. Today slot machine gambling requires more skill from players, as they do not only need to push the spinning button, but also react quickly playing bonus games, offered by big part of slot machines, and know the moment when it is better to bet max.

Types of Video Slots

Slot machines can be differentiated by several characteristics. One of the most popular division is according to the number of paylines. It is known by most part of the gamblers that number of paylines can be easily changed, you just need to click at the corresponding button. Still the number of them cannot exceed the settled minimum, so if you choose 50 line video slot machine you can choose to play game with 15, 20, 35, 50 winning lines, but not more.

At our website we’ve classified the most popular slot machines according to the number of winning lines. The games are divided into the following categories:

  • 40 Line Video Slots
  • 30 Line Video Slots
  • 25 Line Video Slots
  • 20 Line Video Slots
  • 15 Line Video Slots
  • 9 Line Video Slots
  • 5 Line Video Slots

Paylines in Video Slots

You need to remember that you can choose the number of paylines playing video slot machines only. Most of the other games pay you according to the settled winning lines, which you cannot choose. There are also machines which have one payline only, and in most cases it means that in order to win you need to have a certain number of symbols in a row. As a rule games with one paylines pay you more than multi payline games.

Probably the only drawback in multiline slots is that the more paylines the machine offers, the lower chances to win are. Still, if you win more frequently you can win even more than when you win once in a blue moon but rather essential sum of money.

In many progressive slot machines one of the conditions of hitting a pot is to create a winning combination on a certain payline. In most cases the jackpot may be actived on the last payline only, so you should always play with their maximum number.


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