Find the Rock The Boat Classic Three Reel Slots Machine


Rock the boat slot

  • Progressive: No
  • Jackpot: Sixteen Hundred coins
  • Reels: Three
  • Pay lines: One
  • Max Coins: 2
  • Coin Values: $0.25 to $5
  • Gamble: No
  • Free Practice mode: Yes

Rock the Boat is a 3-reel, 1 payline and 2 coin slot machine. It has a wild, multiplier symbol & the max pay-out is 1,600 coins. The Elvis insignia is wild and replaces any other symbol to produce winning combinations. One Elvis insignia doubles the payout of any combination it forms. 2 Elvis icons quadruple the payout of any combination they generate.

Please Note:

3 Elvis motifs on the pay line make up a winning combination as listed in the Payout Schedule.

Very Important:

Winnings will be paidout on the highest combination only.

Malfunctions void all plays & pays.


$ 6.207.568.97

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