Find the MegaSpin Major Millions Three Reel Multi Payline Progressive Web based Slots Games Machine


Major Millions 2

  • Progressive: Yes
  • Jackpot: Progressive
  • Reels: 3
  • Paylines: Three
  • Max Coins: 3
  • Coin Values: $0.10 to $1
  • Gamble: No
  • Free Practice mode: No

Major Millions MegaSpin is different from normal slots machines as you play several internet slots machines at the same time, per game session.

Each slot machine has the same Major Millions MegaSpin game play features and game play rules.

Major Millions MegaSpin is a three reel, 3 pay-line & 3 coin slot game.

The multiple paylines increase your chances of winning. For each coin that you wager you enable an extra pay line.

Major Millions MegaSpin consists of a wild, multiplier logo & a Progressive Jackpot.

The Major Millions emblem is a wild, multiplier insignia. This means it substitutes for other symbols to generate winning combinations and multiplies the pay out.

One Major Millions emblem doubles the payout of any combination it creates.

2 Major Millions symbols quadruple the payout of any combination they create.

Please Note:

Three Major Millions logo on an active pay line form Major Millions logo winning combinations.

Three Major Millions motif winning combination payouts aren't multiplied.

To view a list of possible Major Millions winning combination payouts, go to the Pay-out Schedule.

To get in on the play for the Progressive Jackpot you have to bet three coins per spin. This is one coin per pay-line.

If you are playing the Progressive and 3 Major Millions logos show on the 3rd active pay-line, you win the Progressive Jackpot.

Major Millions Emblem

The Progressive Jackpot is a constantly accumulating prize. The most up to date value of the Progressive Jackpot is shown in the game.


The value of the Progressive Jackpot is listed in credits, not coins.

Progressive games are only available to Real users.

To be allowed to play the Progressive Jackpot you have to gamble three coins per spin. This is 1 coin for every pay-line.

When playing the Progressive & three Major Millions symbols are shown on the 3rd enabled pay line, you score the Progressive Jackpot.

The Progressive Jackpot payout does not get multiplied, as the Major Millions symbols aren't replacing wild, multiplier emblems.

All players worldwide are notified & the Jackpot returns to a fixed min value.

To see a listing of recent winners, have a look at the official JackpotMadness website:

Only 1 winning combination is paidout per pay-line. If there is more than one potential winning combination on a pay-line, you arepaid-out the value of the best combination only.


Progressive games are only available to Real users.

The value of the Progressive Jackpot is shown in credits, not coins.

All other payouts are in coins.

Winnings will be paidout on the best combination only.

You will be paid out for winning combinations on active paylines only.

Malfunctions void all plays & pays.



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