Classic Slots


It is known that the prototype of slot machine appeared in 1891 in NY. The machine was based on the poker game and included symbols of cards used in the game and to win, player had to create a certain combination of hands (which were absolutely the same like in traditional poker game).

This machine was just the first step to create a game which now is known among all the casino gamblers. According to the historical data, the first slot machine which had the traces of modern games, was created by Charles Fey. The exact data of machine appearance is still unknown though some historians believe that it was 1895. That machine had five symbols which appeared in three reels and had only one winning combination. Today this type of slot machine is called classic.

Features of Classic Slot Machines

The authentic slot machine has three mechanic reels and a lever which a player should push in order to make the reels move. Most of the modern machines which share classic features have video or electronic reels, and the lever is rechanged for a button. Though other features of traditional machine remain the same. Classic machines have only three reels (though some offer players 5 reels) and no additional game symbols are used (such as wild or scatter). Of course, the bonus round also are unavailable there.

Today more and more players pay their attention to this type of machines, as the winning is quite complicated there, as there is only one payline. In order to win the highest prize you need to create a line with 5 symbols of one rank. As the winnings in this game are rather high, many players play them, believing that they will be able to hit the pot.

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