Bonus Slot Games


This is where it gets really interesting.

Now slot machines is now only the simple game of thousands spins. You can play more bonus round within one game which will not involve the automatic pushing the button. Want to know more? Keep on reading!

Beginning of Bonus Slots

It is not a secret that slot machine is the most monotonous game is casino. You just need to set the size of you bet and push the spin button. Just a few years ago players could enjoy only this way of playing slots. Fortunately, the situation has changed. With the appearance of video machines it became possible to introduce some additional features into the game. And one of those features was bonus games.

Types of Bonus Games in Slot Machines

You should know that bonus games in slots can be of different types. Frequently, free spins are called a bonus round, but in fact, they have nothing common with bonus game.

One of the most popular types of bonus games is pick and win game. Usually after hitting a bonus round a new picture appears where you see several objects. Terms of the game can be different (for example, you can pick 3 of objects or the only one of them) but the result will be the same – you will get certain amount of coins/free spins/multiplier which correspond to the prize of each object you have chosen.

The following popular bonus game offers is Wheel of Fortune. With this game you may get any of the winning items which are mentioned, just push the wheel and wait until it stops. Other attractive bonus game type is Wild Multiplier – with this type of bonus game you winning will be increased to 100x, 200x, 300x or even more.

The other great bonus game is scratch cards. This bonus variant has a lot of common with traditional casino game. This is an instant win game where you simply need to scratch of the card to see the sum of your prize.

  • Spectacular Wheel of Wealth
  • Spectacular Wheel of Wealth machine has many of features which make it common to traditional games: it has only 1 payline, there are 3 reels. Still, game has additional Wild symbol, and of course – bonus game. You will get a chance to try out you luck with wheel of fortune which has lots of prizes to offer. The bonus game is triggered with the Wheel symbols at the third reel.


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