Bars and Stripes Video Internet Based Slot Games


Bars and Stripes is a strongly themed, seriously All-American 5-reel slot machines with 25 paylines, featuring Wild and Scatter rewards, pick and win bonus games, and more game offers which make gambling even more attractive and interesting. Playing this game you will make sure that USA is the most generous country, even in the gambling. So start to play and let Uncle Sam help you to win!

In order to hit 50.000 jackpots you need to make the maximum bets of 250 coins, and the winning sum can be enlarged by up to forty seven thousand and five hundred from a successful bonus round.

Playing Bars and Stripes slot machines will become the most loved game for all American patriots and players who love this country. Find here all possible national symbols – the eagle, Statue of Liberty, elements of the national flag, hotdogs, turkey, Uncle Sam’s hat and more. This is really great game to enjoy and learn out the history of the most powerful country in the world.

bars and stripes

Please Note:

  • Each time you stop playing the game all your coins are converted into the game credits.
  • Bars and Stripes has wild and scatter symbols, multiplier offer, and bonus game.
  • The flag of the USA is the wild symbol. It means that when you have this symbol in a line, it can replace any of the regular game symbols to help you to create a winning combination.
  • If you have a wild symbol into your winning line, you also get a double multiplier to the winning. .
  • Wild symbols can also create a winning combination.
  • When you have a combination of wild symbols, your winning will not be multiplied.
  • The ball is a scatter symbol which can be scattered at any of the slot reels.
  • Wild symbol cannot replace the scatter.
  • To start a bonus game you need to have more than 3 Uncle Sam’s hat symbols in a winning line.
  • Wild symbol cannot also substitute any of bonus symbols.


$ 6.102.364.60

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